1. This is the open source speak software that supports many kinds of languages and gives the output in a audio format.

  • Zenity is an open-source and cross-platform application that displays GTK+ Dialog Boxes in command-line and using shell scripts. It allows to ask and present information to/from the shell in Graphical Boxes.
  • The application lets you create Graphical dialog boxes in the command line and makes the interaction between user and shell very easy.
  • zenity[options]
  • zenity — calendar


JavaScript is a very useful programming language. Netscape developers invented JavaScript in 1995, and it revolutionized the web. Before JavaScript, webpages could pretty much only contain text, images, and hyperlinks. JavaScript empowered web developers to make webpages interactive, dynamic rather than static. Think of picture menus that animated when your…

What is MongoDB?

As a definition, MongoDB is an open-source database that uses a document-oriented data model and a non-structured query language. It is one of the most powerful NoSQL systems and databases around, today.

  • Most of the times you have heard that people generally use…


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